A mysterious stranger arrives to a castle of vampires. What are the stranger's intentions? Will they help return the stolen items? Or will they bring with them terror unlike the castle has ever seen?

Content warning: This game contains some slightly gruesome descriptions but is otherwise okay for general audiences.

This  game was created as an entry in the Gothic Novel Jam. It involves puzzle elements and item collection. It features many different dialogue options, including 4 different endings. See how many you can find! Please forgive my limited art skills.

While the game has no music, I suggest listening to the Calm Piano playlist by Sophie Mccart. It's not especially spoopy, but adds a nice castle-y vibe I think.

As always, thank you to Adam for the bitsy engine, ayolland for the borksy tool, and mildmojo and Sean for various hacks.

Note: I have checked the game over thoroughly, but due to the fact that I am not a programmer and this is the biggest coding endeavor I have ever undertaken, there may be some bugs. Please notify me if you believe something to not be working correctly.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
Made withBitsy
TagsBitsy, cactus, Gothic, gothnovjam, Horror, Spooky, Vampire


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I'm stuck. Can only get two endings...

Sometimes it was cute, sometimes it was brutal, sometimes it was just amazing! The prospect of the four different endings has always motivated me to give the game another try. And I thought it was really worth it. :) In particular, the cactus as an indicator, whether I am just acting like a total ass or not, has made me smile! Thanks for this little puzzle adventure, which I have recommended in our compilation article about the Gothic Novel Jam. You can also watch one minute of its gameplay in the related video. Who knows, maybe that will help a frustrated player realize that a hammer is not just for smashing? :D Lovely work, keep it up!

Best wishes,


Thank you so much! I am honored to be the recipient of such a recommendation. 

It makes my hard work seem all the more worthwhile! (●≧ω≦)9

love this game!!! its so goofy (well.... except for uh... well u kno) took a while to find all the endings haha (i got the uh....................... 2nd one as my first one bc oops and so yeah.........)


Eeeeeeee!! Onion liked my game!!!! ٩(^ᴗ^)۶ Thank Youuuu!

haha :3 i actually played it the first time like the day you released it but i wanted to get all the endings before i rated/commented >.<;; and then it took me too long to do that so sorry abt that <3


That's totally fine! I'm just happy you liked it!! 

loved it :D

This was a lot of fun, and funny. I've only managed to get 2 of the endings so far. Thanks for getting involved in the jam. :)

Thank you for playing and for the Jam!

Lovely and brilliant! I love how the endings hint that there's more and encourage you to try again, I got all four!

Thank you so much for playing all the way through!!

I got one ending so far - love the writing, super interested in getting the others. Nice job! :)


I'm so glad that you enjoyed! 

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to play. ~(>w<)~

this is great! one of the endings went so hard, i really didn't expect it!

It is a horror game so it had to have at least one dark path... 

Thanks for taking the time to find all the endings!